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Covid-19 Pandemic Update: We Are Committed To Your Care!

We at Des Moines River Dental Care would like to thank you for your patience and flexibility during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

There are many new precautions that have been put in place in order to safely re-open our dental clinic.  

Emergency-type care and relieving your symptoms is still our top priority.  

For all other procedures and concerns, we are continually working on rescheduling the back log of appointents that we built up during the shut down. If you are wondering about the status of a postponed appointment, feel free to call and check on that with us. 

All precautions that are currently being put in place will be discussed with you when scheduling your appointment.  Feel free to call and ask us about any concerns that you have for your safety before coming to our clinic. 

The main change that I would like to mention here is that our clinic will only be open to those that have a scheduled appointment. I ask that you please do not visit our clinic without calling ahead. Our door will remain locked, and a member of our team will let you in for your appointment.

As always, your safety and well being is our top priority.  Fulfilling that mission involves providing quality dental service in an environment that is safe for you and our team!  



Des Moines River Dental Care specializes in beautifying smiles, maintaining your dental health, and helping you improve your appearance. You are a "guest" when you walk in the door, with a hot cup of coffee available in the waiting area. As the only dental clinic in town, we hope to meet all of the dental needs of Carlisle and beyond!            

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(515) 989-3180
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