Our Products


We offer clear aligner orthodontic treatment as an alternative to traditional braces. Free consultations are offered to determine if this is an excellent treatment option for you

Oral-b Brushes

This brush has been tested against all other brushing methods and is the most recommended toothbrush by dentists. We believe so strongly in its effectiveness that we extend the same professional discount that we receive from the company on to you! This product retails for more than double the price that we sell it for, and it also comes with a starter kit that has additional products not included in retail store kits.

opalescence go trays

Opalescence Go Trays are an over the Counter Whitening product. They are equivalent to whitening strips or trays that you can buy over the counter. We also have professional whitening options for both in-office and at home.

Additional products

We make athletic mouthguards right here at our clinic. We offer one complimentary mouthguard to all students. A wide variety of colors are available.